These 7 Screenshots of People Standing Up to Their Narcissistic Parents Are So Healing

Marlena Bontas
4 min readSep 22, 2022

For those of you who wished they stood up to their abusive parents, this is how it’s done

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I wish I stood up to my narcissistic mother in my teens when she alluded to me being stupid, crazy or irresponsible. Phrases like ‘You’re such an airhead’, You’re always losing things/dropping things/doing something irrational’ were on her lips often. That narrative was part of her gaslighting campaign to make me feel like I have no idea how to conduct myself and be a responsible adult.

Now I am more confident and have no trouble carrying a stack of plates without dropping one or finding my keys or my credit cards. It is weird to be so organised, however, I very much prefer this version of me. My confidence helps me pass job interviews, graduate from high-profile courses and speak in front of a large group.

But that was not always the case. As a teenager, I’d often think of myself as a shy, timid and incapable woman who had a hard time expressing her thoughts or opinions.

And for this, I have to thank my mother. Perhaps, if I told her how I felt, I’d be more confident then. That’s why I was really pleased to stumble upon these 7 texts of adult children telling off their abusive parents and being role models for all of us.

  1. This woman tells her narcissistic mother that she doesn’t feel safe with her
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2. A narcissistic father gets the ‘assertiveness’ treatment

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3. A narcissistic mother is being called out for being homophobic

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4. An adult child refuses to support his father financially


5. A daughter told her mother off after refusing to attend her wedding because it wasn’t in a church

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6. I’m sorry for those of you whose narcissistic parent is religious. I believe religious narcissists are a special breed. Below, an adult child stands her ground and refuses to attend church just because her mom wants her to. Way to go, girl!

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7. A narcissistic mother gets the boundary treatment and she’s butthurt about it.


Important note: if your parents are particulary abusive, do not stand up to them. Do not confront them about the stuff they’ve done to you and quietly (and safely) remove yourself from this relationship. Learn about healthy boundaries and start living life on your terms, not theirs.

You’re worth it!



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